About Us

BilSAK was founded in 2009 by Prof. Cafer T. Yavuz and Prof. Mert Atilhan while walking on the Pacific shores of Goleta, California. The idea is to provide unbiased, independent, scientific commentary on current events both in Turkey (where we are originally from) and abroad. And in order to stay independent, we chose not to seek funding. Instead we don't use glamorous websites and do not rent an office with 10 staffs for fundraising.

Our aim is to bring a neutral and often sharp perspective to scientific events, sometimes to those that are highly politicized. One example is our stance in the political gameplay around the arsenic crisis in Izmir, Turkey. We stand by the truth not by any particular person or ideology. We invite everyone that think alike to join us and volunteer your minds on educating our people.

Our organization consists of "Experts", "Leaders" and "Members".

Experts are the professionals in their respective academic fields and elected by the council of experts after invited for candidacy. The expert candidacy rules are listed here.

Leaders are the scholars and intellectuals who have significant expertise in their respective studies. They are also invited only, but the candidacy is open for all members.

Members are our core base of supporters who share the same vision. Everyone can become a member and to do that an application email with your intention of becoming a member or filling out our contact form would be the only requirement. Then check our list of members to make sure your name appears there.

Here are the people who forms the experts council:

Prof. Cafer T. Yavuz, Expert in Chemistry, Founder and President

Prof. Mert Atilhan, Expert in Chemical Engineering, Co-founder

Prof. Nuh Gedik, Expert in Physics

Prof. Ahmet Yıldız, Expert in Molecular Biology

Prof. Ertuğrul Özbudak, Expert in Genetics Engineering

Lastly, please excuse our occasional typos and missing links. We try hard to give credit for all the information or graphic we use, and in case we missed, please inform us. We are a non-profit (no-profit or no-earnings is better fitting) and will never seek financial gains from your materials or contributions. If you choose to send us, please accept that we will never be able to compensate anything for your work. You should consider our platform as open source that will freely circulate your piece.

Photo of Goleta beach is from here.